The Purpose-Built Robot Dog
for Law Enforcement,
Security Services and
Property Management Industries

RADDOG™ is taking the industry and media by storm as the robot dog with a purpose: keeping people and property safe – even celebrities on Mars!

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RADDOG Overview

RADDOG has been specifically designed and built for these industries

" My years at the FBI make me incredibly proud to present this solution to the industry "
Troy McCanna
Former FBI Agent, RAD Chief Security Officer

Law Enforcement


RADDOG 2LE is a game-changer for law enforcement agencies worldwide. Acting as a force multiplier with its nimble quadrupedal design and advanced sensors, it can navigate challenging terrains, inaccessible areas, and hazardous environments, enhancing officer safety. This robotic marvel conducts inspections, surveillance, and reconnaissance with unparalleled efficiency. By augmenting the capabilities of law enforcement personnel, RADDOG 2LE will amplify their effectiveness in crime prevention, public safety, and emergency response.

Security Services &
Property Management


The ideal 'security guard companion' at the ground level. When combined with a stationary RAD ROSA or RIO, RADDOG 2S will provide that extra mobile, immediate response, security element most businesses need. RADDOG can be autonomously dispatched from other RAD devices.

Embrace the future of security with RADDOG 3S and experience a new level of safety and peace of mind.

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