Elevate Your Tactical Advantage with RADDOG LE, Transforming the Way You Serve and Protect.


Unleash the Power of RADDOG LE,
Your Trusted Companion in Law Enforcement

RADDOG LE Overview

RADDOG LE is a game-changer for law enforcement agencies worldwide. Acting as a force multiplier with its nimble quadruped (four-legged) design and advanced external accessories, it can navigate challenging terrain, inaccessible areas, and dangerous environments, enhancing officer safety and helping protect communities.

This robotic marvel conducts inspections, surveillance, and reconnaissance with unparalleled efficiency and at
a remarkably low cost.

By augmenting the capabilities of law enforcement personnel, RADDOG LE will amplify their effectiveness in crime prevention, public safety, and emergency response.

" My years at the FBI make me incredibly proud to present this solution to the industry "
Troy McCanna
Former FBI Agent, RAD Chief Security Officer

Troy McCanna Introduces RADDOG LE

Troy McCanna Discusses the Need for RADDOG LE

Troy McCanna Discusses RADDOG LE's Ease of Use

Troy McCanna and Steve Reinharz Demonstrate RADDOG LE's 2-Way Video Calling

A Review of RADDOG LE's Features and Benefits

Q. What Makes RADDOG the Rad Dog?


We understand AI and robotics, that's why we've developed RADDOG

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RAD and parent company AITX (OCTPK: AITX) have been leading the security services and proptech industries for years with innovative solutions that perform and save you money.


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